Useful English Phrases with meaning and examples ..

1. Clear up: It means de-cluttering a space (first example); it also suggests completion of some pending tasks (second example).


  • Chef's always clear up their cook-tops while cooking.

  • Before I go to bed I have an assignment to clear up.

    2. Crop up: It suggests some unexpected occurrence or something happening by accident.


  • All kinds of troubles cropped up on our road trip to the snow-capped mountains.

    3. Die away: It means the steady decrease of sound until the sound is no longer audible.


  • The girls waited in their hostel room till the warden's footsteps died away.

  • The beautiful old melody coming from a radio died away as he walked further down the lane.

    4. Fix up: It means to organize or arrange something.


  • The college game secretary fixed up the game schedule a week before.

  • Aby's surprise birthday party was already fixed up by his friends.

    5. Get back: It suggests recovering the possession of some item (first example); this phrase also means to head back home after a trip/outing (second example).


  • I prefer not to lend money to Nichole as she forgets about it and I never get it back.

  • Our family picnic turned out to be an amazing one and we dint get back till dark.

    6. Get through: It means to complete some task successfully (first example); it also suggests getting into a telephonic conversation (second example).


  • Mathew got through his interview and will be joining the firm on Monday.

  • Even after several tries to call Aunt Susan, I am unable to get through; I suppose all the lines are busy due to Christmas.

    7. Give up: It means to stop making attempts at accomplishing some task (first example); it also suggests discontinuation of a job, hobby or habit.


  • The trek turned out to be so difficult I gave up mid-way and returned to the resort.

  • He gave up alcohol and started a healthy lifestyle.

    8. Hand down: It suggests the passing on of belongings, traditions or information.


  • Lisa's mother handed down a gorgeous ring saying that it belonged to her great- grandmother.

  • The restaurant was handed down from father to son since four generations.

    9. Jump at: It suggests the acceptance of a proposal or a prospect with great excitement.


  • Raphel jumped at receiving the internship to assist the renowned professional photographer.

  • She jumped at the sight of her joining letter handed over by the postman.

    10. Keep up: It means to try and maintain an undertaking, an effort of some sort.


  • She bicycled 10 miles an hour at the start, but she couldn't keep up that speed.

  • It is hard keeping up a conversation with a person who seems least interested.

    11. Be laid up: it means to be restricted to bed due to some accident or sickness (when used in terms of a person).


  • He was laid up for months with a fractured leg.

    12. Let down: It suggests lowering of something (first example); it also means to be unable to meet someone's expectation and in a way fail or cause disappointment (second example).


  • Alia let her hair down and it reached till her knees.

  • Jon assured that he would help me with the project but he let me down. I waited whole evening but he never showed up.

    13. Live up to: It suggests maintaining a particular standard which might be either with respect to one's conduct, ethics or monetary situation.


  • He has high principles and makes an effort to live up to them irrespective of varying circumstances.

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