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Conversations: Example: Conversations allows you to improve your English pronunciation, expanding your vocabulary and your English speaking as well.

Opportunity: chat rooms have been giving people from around the world the opportunity to mingle and meet numerous fellow Internet users.

bound: the person is bound to easily connect to a room where he or she can talk to people from all walks of life.

trivial: It was ridiculous to care about something so trivial.

actually: she actually expected me to be pleased about it.

regulations: The university's regulations are posted on the website.

require: Some sites require people to register their own secured accounts.

ideal: The conference provided us with an ideal opportunity to meet new business men.

refrain: "Please refrain from smoking.". refrain means to stop yourself from doing something.

observe: kids learn by observing their parents.

bluebells: beautiful little wild flowers that are a lovely shade of colour blue and bell. They grow in wooded area.

procrastination - procrastinating: I will not buy it with this price, so don't procrastinate.

rare: Birds, insects and animals becoming rare.

numbness: she experienced numbness in both legs and feet.

skeptical:The meaning of skeptical is: Having doubt. Example: She was little skeptical on your picture whether it is you or not.