Develop Personality: Become a Better Listener

To develop personality, you must become a better listener. You have to learn how to keep your mouth shut and let others do their share of talking. After all, you can't have monopoly of ideas.

Develop Personality: Equal Opportunity in Communication

Other people have their own unique opinion and ideas, too. So if you want them to give you respect for whatever you have to say, be conscientious about the need of others to talk. There is a time for you to talk and a time for you to listen. Just remember, everyone should be given an equal opportunity in communication. Think of your chance to be quiet as a chance for you to listen to others.

Develop Personality:Basic Things to Do to Acquire Good Listening Skills

You may find it hard to do the changes at first. Honestly, it is not an easy thing to achieve so don't think you can do it overnight. You can employ simple steps towards the goal.

Here are some of the techniques known to be effective:

  • Place yourself in the shoes of the other person. Communication isn't a one way street and no one person on earth will be happy just to be listening all the time. So the next time you engage in a conversation, make sure that you divide the space equally. Learn the gestures or bodily signals that can tell you the other person is about to give an answer, or to ask for clarification or simply to express his opinion. Remember that "give and take" rule applies in communication.

  • Don't interrupt unnecessarily when someone is speaking. Someone who speaks before listening or before a speaker is done may not have learned his lesson how to become a good listener. You should learn how to hold back even if you feel itching to butt in.

  • Hold your tongue to give way to the speaker to finish. It could be that he needs more time to make his story complete or his argument stronger. Give the speaker all the time that he needs, and while he is talking, use the time to come up with great ideas to add when your next opportunity comes.

  • Rein in your emotions. Emotions play an important role in conversations and your own emotions are some of the things to focus on to develop personality. Emotions can help speakers make expressions of meanings and feelings that sound honest and credible. Emotions can also be relayed through gestures, which can serve as signals or cues for communicators from both ends. However, emotions may also ruin a good conversation between or among people. Emotions can flare up or get high because of careless words being said while someone is expressing his ideas.

  • Don't let emotions get the better of you, and every time you feel it's going to blow up, take a deep breath. Allow the emotion to subside and then continue as you would normally do.

  • Ask the right questions. Questions are potent tools in conversations. As you listen intently to the speaker, prepare to ask questions. The intentions may be varied but make sure that those questions will support continuity of the exchange or at least, give the speaker the idea that you are with him as he speaks.

  • Questions may also be used to convey that you understand what's being said and you are interested for the speaker to continue. At best, questions may be used to show that you respect the other person for who he is, for his stance and for whatever he has to say.

  • Give it all you've got. Be attentive even if you are not interested with anything that the other person is saying. Yes, sometimes you have to feign attention just to create a good impression. This part is hard to do but it is part of disciplining yourself to develop personality. Give it all you've got while you are undergoing training. In the future, after all the controlling and all things that you have to bear up with, you will be able to handle yourself more easily during conversations. You will know even how it is to make excuses without making a bad impression. Practice makes perfect. In the end, you will reap your reward.

  • Do not be domineering. It may be true that you know a lot, but come to think of it. You may know just much but not all. Consider thinking that the part that you don't know someone else may know. No, no one has monopoly of knowledge because knowledge is dynamic and relative. Knowledge, as such, can't be contained in a single mind only.

  • Develop Personality: A Proof that You Have Become a Better Listener

    There's one exercise that you can do to check if you have been already making progress in this aspect. Take an audio-video clip and have a player to run it. Listen carefully to the points being raised by whoever is speaking there and form your questions. Afterwards, check if it got your interest and if you have retained all the important points. Do the same while in a conference or in a seminar. Better yet, check if you can clearly remember the salient parts of the conversation you have had with your husband or wife last night. He or she might not be the most interesting person to listen to, but to become a better listener and to develop personality, you need to really listen, whoever happens to be speaking.

    Read More: Read Something Everyday to Develop Your Personality

    Reading something every day is an effective way to develop personality. Just like your physical body needing food nutrients, your mind also needs to be supplied with informational and brain-exercise nutrients that come from reading, solving puzzles and engaging in new and innovative activities.

    For reading, you have a lot of materials available for you, including those spectacular novels that are hitting and topping the blockbuster board recently. In addition, you can go beyond the more common types of reading pieces such as magazines and newspapers by reading materials which are designed to motivate or inspire people. Feed your mind not only with information or the latest scientific findings but also with uplifting ideas that can help you lead a happy life.

    Develop Personality - Benefits of Reading Something Everyday

    If you are among those who want to draw people to themselves but are not ready to have time for reading, you might be missing out on a very important point in your desire to develop your personality.

    You may be reading tweets and Facebook messages on a daily basis, but that is not enough. We are talking about hard reading here and not that kind of reading that most people do with the dailies. If you can do that, you stand to reap many benefits. Here are some of them.

  • Cognitive Stimulation

    The things around stimulate the senses and the problems that people encounter can push the mind to work for solutions. These things cause cognitive stimulation, but these are not enough to provide stimulation that fortifies memory. A previous research has shown that reading can stimulate the brain and slow down the progress of dementia and Alzheimer's.

  • Stress Reduction

    Read not only to develop personality but also to free yourself from harmful stressors. Reading a story from a novel or scientific news can help the mind to focus somewhere else rather than focusing on stressful stimuli. Make it your habit to read after a tiring day at the office or when you're grappling with a troubled relationship. In a 2009 study conducted at the University of Sussex, researchers had found that reading a book or taking notes of tips from magazine articles is a powerful tool to relax the mind and reduce stress. The research reported that more than half of the pressure is relieved after reading. The study also showed that reading works better than either sitting while drinking a cup of tea or listening to music. These other methods can't free the mind of a person of a stressor like reading can.

  • Gaining Knowledge

    office or when youver be the same after reading, especially reading a story that inspires, teaches a moral lesson or makes one see the better side of life. It goes the same with gaining knowledge through reading. With every additional information, stories, facts, opinions and analyses that you get from reading, you become different from the person you were before reading. For one, you become more confident that you know something more than the next person. You will feel that advantage over others especially when you join a group discussion.

  • Vocabulary Expansion

    As you do things to develop personality, you need the power of language. One area to focus on is the expansion of your vocabulary bank and on how to use powerful expressions in given situations. This is the same focus that influential and successful businessmen, talk show hosts and actors are making. It is because they know people listen whenever they open their mouth. So aside from taking formal language lessons, these people continuously enrich their vocabulary bank, learn a word or two everyday and make use of the new expressions both in their daily conversations and in formal gatherings. You will be better off having a good command of language than stuttering to grope for words in saying what exactly you want to say. As you read more and more to develop personality, you will eventually discover you are actually using less than 50% of the words of the English language and that there are so many words you are encountering only for the first time.

  • Memory Improvement

    It is not good if you forget things. It can mean for other people that you cannot be trusted especially with sensitive things and issues. Boost your memory by reading. When you read a novel, you notice your memory is trying to hold on to the plots, the events, the characters, aims, backgrounds and so on. There are important things to remember, but there is something more happening to your brain as you push it to keep remembering those memory details. The brain generates for every memory item a pathway or a synapse that allow easy retrieval of these memory items. Every time you need to recall a particular memory item, the brain just traverses through a specific pathway to make the information available.

  • Powerful Analytical Thinking Skills to Develop Personality

    When you read a material, your brain is not only going through the informational content. You are also analyzing the details presented. Specific aspects being analyzed by the brain are relationships of events and characters, logical consequences, spatial relationships and even linguistic grammar. There are instances while reading that you momentarily stop or pause and reread a passage all over again because you would want to be clear about a boggling concept there. It's like those times when you called a speaker's attention because somewhere during the course of listening, you noticed there was a disjunction between two succeeding ideas or a previous event in his narration that does not make a connection with the event that follows. Do not make excuses. Set aside a time for reading everyday to develop personality. It can be done during your break time or two hours before bedtime. If you must, shut off the TV and do your pre-bedtime routine earlier than usual.

    Develop Personality: Take a Genuine Interest in Others

    If you want to develop personality, learn how not to be self-centered and take a genuine interest in others. Remember, other people matter. Besides, those around you will be the same people who are going to evaluate you as a person, and as to whether you are making any progress. How would you show genuine interest in other people? Here are the ways.

    Develop Personality: Shar

    People need people. People want to be given attention, be appreciated and yes, be loved. If you can do this and consider other people's lives or plight, they will love you in return. You may not have the luxury of time and financial resources to share with others, but there are ways by which you can show interest.

    Join an organization for a good cause. You may also set aside $10 or $20 a month and give the accumulated money to charity or for an organization that takes care of people with AIDS and those that give support to the children of Africa. Or, you may also start with the members of your own family. Think about a brother who may be struggling earning the money for his own family. Call him and tell him that you are pledging educational support for one of his children. You will feel good every time you hold back yourself from buying gadgetry or a new pair of shoes and send the money to the needy instead.

    Develop Personality: Think That the World Is One Big Family

    You must start to realize that humanity is connected in a special way with one another. There's just a bond that people share together that no one can easily break. Thus, once you see someone, think of him like you think of your parents or your brothers and sisters. Ask how he is. Invite him to have a meal with you on your dining table. Offer your bed for him to lay his head on. Feel great with every little act of kindness that you bestow.

    Develop Personality: Sacrifice for Others

    If you have a lot of resources and if you are capable of helping, go around and search for qualified recipients of the things that you can give. But remember that it is not only material things that you can offer. If you've got no money to hand in, you can share your talent, time and energy instead. There's actually no limit to what you can give because everyone seems to have been gifted with something to share with others. Just think about what you have and if you think there's really none that you can share, think of LOVE and prayer for the needy.

    Develop Personality: Start a Worthwhile Organization

    Find out how you can help a group of people. You can think about women who are victims of abuses. You can also think about those who are suffering from unjust government policies. There are also unattended children and minorities who are receiving less from the government. Know which of these groups you have a soft spot for because these are good avenues for you to be able to have genuine interest in other people.

    Develop Personality: Refrain from Hurting Others

    Always try to say positive things to others. From now on, refine your speech so you can avoid hurting others.

    Words are some of the powerful tools of man. They can break relationships. They can make or unmake leaders. But they can strengthen relationships as well. The point is, take advantage ofwords in your golden purpose of developing yourself. Just think of positive things and the good of others. When you are full of good things in your head, there's no doubt only good will come out of your mouth. Control your tongue, especially when you are raging with emotions. Remember this, once a word is said, there's no way it can be taken back. It will take its natural course and fulfill the purpose for which it was said. So think a hundred times before releasing words especially if you are going to point out something negative about others or about a group of people.

    Develop Personality: Focus on the Beautiful

    People are not perfect so don't look for perfection in others. If you will focus on people's mistakes or imperfections, you will become judgmental and lose sight of what is real about man. Accept man as he is and then look for what is beautiful in him. Your wife may not be the best cook in the world, but she takes good care of your children and kisses you as she bids you goodbye on your way to the office. Your boss may be too strict with time, but he is generous when it comes to employees' promotion. You too are beautiful in many ways despite your deficiency and insufficiency.

    Develop Personality: Take Care of a Pet

    Somebody said that a community who love animals loves people. It sounds to be an idea coming from someone who is an advocate for animals, but whether this is true or false, there is a grain of truth to the claim. Find one who cares for a dog or a cat. He is probably the kindest person in the neighborhood, one who is ready to share what he's got to a stranger asking for bread. Try to have a pet and nurture it. Feel the love as you spend day by day with it, feeding it and giving it the best shelter. If you fall in love with it, you will have a good idea of how you can bestow love and kindness to others as well.

    Develop Personality: Have a Goal for Your Life

    Set powerful goals to help you develop personality. If you want people to respect you for your value and for the purpose of your life, have goals. If you are working hard but you are carelessly spending your money thinking that you are still young and strong, you need to be reminded that tomorrow may not at all come for you and that your good opportunities may not come again. Set goals today and live your life the way it should be lived.

    Develop Personality: Reasons for Setting Goals

    You've heard of the big names from sports, the business industry and the entertainment world. Most of them did the right thing starting from their younger days. Although a few are plain lucky, many of them succeeded because they set goals. Below are good reasons why you should do the same:

  • Setting goals make it clear what the target is

    Without a goal, you'd just be spending your time chasing after the wind and not making concrete achievements. Think of the things that you do every day. Are they the things that you really want to achieve? You may have spent the day with your friends or have hit the local shopping center checking the latest computer models with the thought that you have successfully nurtured personal relationships or that you have studied carefully your gadgetry options well. These are good, perhaps noble, things to do, but are they being done towards the achievement of some goals? If your answer is no, then you just wasted another day. Set goals and your daily tasks will be directed to those goals. You will not be led astray to doing unnecessary activities that have nothing to do with your goals or with your desire to develop personality.

  • Setting goals can help you push forward.

    You can consider these goals as your reminders. These goals are like calendars that remind people of their appointments or their deadlines. For some, goals are the things that fuel them to pursue, to push forward.

    Let these goals be your own encouragement. When you're down and out and feeling weak to continue, take a sit and review your goals to find fresh meanings and encouragement. When you are confused and feel you are being led astray, review your goals for guidance.

    Goals are abstract things and they don't appear real until they are realized. That's one thing you have to accept - goals are just abstract

    things, not physical things. As such, sometimes goals fail to give sufficient amount of encouragement. So, continuously internalize your goals so they will appear more tangible than they really are.

    Those who don't believe that they can be realized or who are just in a hurry to see their fulfillment often get frustrated. Just set your goals and let them encourage you to continue.

  • Setting goals gives you an object to focus on.

    It's one thing to wake up in the morning knowing what to accomplish and another thing to hit the road without being sure of what's going to happen for the day. With goals to guide you, you can properly use your energy and other resources.

    Unlike those days when it was hard saying no to your colleagues' invitation to hang out after a day of hard work in the office, it will be easy for you to refuse those invitations with a shrug of your shoulder. It is because your eyes are fixed on something really worth achieving - your goals, your desire to have a better life and your bid to develop personality.

    You see your friends enjoying their free time on a dirty old drinking bar that gives only temporary enjoyment while you sit on a desk trying to figure how much every dollar can lead you closer to the goal. You see the sun shining every single day with good promises while your colleagues are struggling to get up from bed over a hangover on a Monday morning. It is courtesy of your setting goals and your desire to develop personality.

  • Setting a goal will help you feel accountable and responsible.

    See yourself as an important part of this complex thing we called living for you to easily develop personality. You have yourself to take care of. There is a family who may be putting their hope on you. There are people around with lesser opportunities than you, people whom you can help when you've become successful someday.

    If you waste your time now and choose to ignore your accountability over the things that you have the power to change, you might end this run in life with a heart full of regrets.

    There are people you have to think about. There is a world that is in constant pain waiting for someone to start the healing. You are accountable. You should have a goal to be happy and that includes addressing the social issues immediately surrounding you. Perhaps you are thinking you can't do anything about big issues, but you can be happy making little positive changes in your family or in your community.

  • Develop Personality: Not an Easy Thing to Do

    No, it is not an easy thing to do to make a complete turnaround. But if you really want something good to happen in your life - like people beginning to respect you and you reaching the heights you can reach - just convince yourself that it is not hard. Start thinking about the good, the noble and the praiseworthy and it will be a lot easier.

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