Why the Book Is a Best Friend

The book is a best friend. Ask every booklover why they seem to have a hard time spending an entire day without a book in his hand and you'd get different reasons. Frankly, there really isn't a single correct answer to why people read. In the ancient days, back when even papers were scant in availability, people read because they wanted to pass the time or because they wanted to learn new information. As for the authors back during the days of old, they chose to write down information on rocks, wood, and paper in order to spread knowledge to those who were willing to learn. Early artists, philosophers, and scientists all made it a point to write down their most precious information just in case they passed away. To put it simply, a book is a collection of man's or an entire society's knowledge, all rolled into one, easy-to-carry material.

There are plenty of reasons as to why the book is a best friend. Now that you have sort of an idea as to why people consider the book as a dear pal, here are more reasons as to why they choose to read in the first place:

  • 1. Books provide a way for readers to take a momentary breather from the world they live in. Admit it. Real life can be quite challenging, not to mention stressful. Work and other hassle-inducing factors can get in the way of enjoying life to the fullest, and if people want to travel to a different world even just for an hour, they'd choose to read a book. Escapism is one of the major reasons as to why the book is a best friend. A fantasy novel can take a reader to places one only imagines going to such as castles, caves, mountains, and even an icy cavern. Of course, there are plenty of books set in the real world, but these don't diminish the fact that such reading materials still take people to places far beyond the limits of imagination.
  • 2. Another reason for owning a book is entertainment. Fiction writers have already made it a point to write material that would hold the reader's attention from beginning to end. Gone are the days when boring old texts would make even the most avid reader sleepy and uninterested. Just go inside a bookstore and you'd see tons of books with eye-catching covers and attention-grabbing titles. Open a book. Be entertained. While you're at it, why not attempt to read non-fiction? Trust other people when they say books about real life are as gripping and entertaining as those that are about made-up people and scenarios.
  • 3. Again, why do people say the book is a best friend? While the entertainment factor is enough reason for you to pick up a reading material as soon as possible, never ever forget that books are also the most effective teachers. You won't believe how a single, one hundred-page novel is filled with things the average person hasn't even heard of. Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, a book can make someone twice as smart as soon as the person has finished reading its last page.

Escapism, entertainment, and information aren't the only factors to consider for you to start becoming a bookworm. There are plenty of benefits for becoming an avid reader, all the more reason for you to agree that the book is a best friend indeed.

  • 1. Studies have shown that reading is able to boost a person's analytical thinking. Readers tend to notice visual patterns quicker than non-readers. Take note that the capacity to recognize patterns, whether in tests or in real life, is a sure sign of improved analytic skills.
  • 2. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that vocabulary improves whenever a person picks up a book and read for a good hour or two. In fact, a few researches have shown that reading is more effective in improving vocabulary than talking and listening. If you want to become a writer, one who has a flair in handling words and complex sentences, head to the nearest library as soon as you can and immerse yourself in reading materials.
  • 3. Do you have bad memory? Are you the type who forgets even the simplest of tasks? If so, a book can help you. Yes, this is the part where the book is a best friend not just for you but for your brain as well. Once your brain has gotten used to reading, it would have already developed the ability to remember quite a huge number of information at the same time. How's that for not taking vitamins for memory enhancement?

Remember that the motivation to read is not enough for you to become an active reader. There are plenty of factors that can hinder you from becoming a booklover. Here are some tips for you to find enough time to read a good book.

  • 1. Follow a reading schedule. It's never too late to make a weekly calendar of your reading activities. Try to set aside a good hour or two per day. Once you've gotten past the initial challenge of sticking to a schedule, the rest would be easy.
  • 2. Turn off every electronic gadget that can tempt you to put down your book. Switch off your television and keep your phone somewhere. This way, you'd be able to concentrate on nothing else, but the book you are reading.
  • 3. Read whenever you have the chance. Stuck in rush hour traffic? Take out a book and read. Waiting for a friend in the mall? Read, read, and read. There is never a good excuse as to why you shouldn't read whenever you have the time to do so. Just do it.

There you go. Even if you are still thousands of pages away from becoming a certified bookworm, it's never too late to head to the library and immerse your mind in good literature. The book is a best friend, and you'll realize that as soon as you pick up an exceptionally good novel.