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English language is very beautiful, wonderful and an important language as well. It is not just a language, it is a great tool that can change your whole life, if you learn how to link it with your life. English has more words than any other language, no one knows exactly how many words it actually has, it is a rich and very beautiful language. It is the language of Hollywood and the language of international banking and business, it is the language of science and education.

Here at ask about English we focus on linking English language with our daily life while we're learning English. From English music to create a perfect learning environment to English motivational tips to reboot our life to an English educational documentaries to expand our horizons. And much more about health, sport making money online and working from home. We are welcoming people from around the world those who are ready to learn and willing to help other as well.

Ask about English is a friendly environment where you can improve your English and your life as well and make new friends from around the world. It is a place where you can switch I should to I must to and bagin have a strong well and become a very successful person in your life. If you think you are equipped to go through an experience like this, please to contact us at ( ) whether you are a learner of English langauge or a teacher of English language or a native English speaker would like to help you are all welcome guys to be friends from around the world. Welcome to join us it's FREE